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What is a backpack?

A backpack is a type of bag that has straps for carrying it. The straps generally sit on the shoulders but varieties can also include straps that cross the body. Backpacks have traditionally been used for carrying larger loads than usual bags, especially in hiking or long walking trips.

ori backpacks

Ori backpacks are uniquely constructed urban and adventure backpacks. Ori backpacks are vegan, light-weight, durable and fashionable. Our backpack straps are constructed our V-factor ensuring that the backpack sits squarely on your shoulders at all times. Available in a multitude of styles and colors, Ori backpacks are the accessory completing any outfit.

Weather-resistant, durable and sleek, with a nifty roll-top design, and secure pocekts for wallets and phones makes the Canfield perfect for anywhere your day might take you.

A weather-resistant, durable, light-weight backpack bringing together all the elements necessary for a solid bag combined with a sleek, trendy, and bold design!

Bringing together all of the classic backpack elements, the Bantry C backpack is the perfect mix of subtle and stylish. Weather-resistant, durable and fashionable!


Ori Backpacks and Bags | Bantry C with front clasp | Color - Plum

The perfect bag to sling across your body and take on your day. This bag keeps everything you need organized, with three different pockets and sectional organizers.