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Behind the Bag.  

Ori London bags are designed to meet anyone's needs without sacrificing personal style. We've set out to bring you a bag that is light, durable, and weather-resistant, and still fashionable and bold

All of our bags are vegan and have been designed with you in mind. From hitting the trails for a hike or rushing to the office, we know that life moves fast, that's why these bags are made to keep up. With triple-coated fabrics and heavy duty zippers, there's nothing your day can throw at you that your Ori bag isn't ready for. 

Any age, gender, season, purpose, and adventure is what we've got in mind. All that's left to do is choose your favorite color! 

Where to Start? 

What started as a rainy day in London has turned into weather-resistant backpacks, designed for real life. After getting soaked in the London weather, Brett Katz was committed to creating a bag that would serve anyone and do so with style. From there Roka London was born and has exploded across England and Europe; now here is Ori, the offspring of Roka London. 

Ori London is here to bring that same English flare to your daily routine!  

Are you ready to be Ori Original?